Adventys introduces its revolutionary Induc-NoLimit system - the first true commercial multi-zone induction solution. A multi-zone induction unit eliminates designated pan placement - the entire surface becomes a cooking
workspace. By offering different temperatures, the Induc-NoLimit system presents the operator with wide-ranging and precise cooking options: slide a pan from one side to the other to increase or decrease its temperature; or
simply cook different foods at the same time, on the same surface. Create a limitless induction work zone for every chef - use any pan, at any place, at any temperature, and at any time! This patent-pending technology
is very efficient & environmentally friendly - no more wasted energy and space. A commercial multi-zone unit is ideal for chefs and cooks who require preparation capacity in the morning with larger pots, and later in the
day perform sauté and finish work with smaller saucepans. Induc-NoLimit can be used anywhere in the kitchen, all day long with unlimited cooking possibilities. While traditional equipment is design to have one purpose,
Adventys is breaking boundaries and making a multi-purpose, limitless unit. You want to cook it: there is a way with Induc-NoLimit. Fry at high temperature: it’s easy with Induc-NoLimit. Sous-Vide at very precise temperature
and extended time: Induc-NoLimit is the solution. Fry and sous-vide at the same time on the same surface? Induc-NoLimit is the answer. You name it, Induc-NoLimit can do it!



Come and see our commercial multi-zone induction solution for the world premiere at HOST Milano booth #N03-P04 - Hall 5. Available first half 2018.