Innovation products




Induc-NoLimit is our 2018 innovation. This is the first true commercial multizone induction.
The entire surface of the vitroceramic glass is the cooking surface.
The coils underneath this vitro-ceramic glass manage all types of recipient by adjusting
the temperature or watts. Induc-NoLimit is awarded Smart Label Innovation 2017 HOST Milano.
Here is the concept video :


More information : Induc-NoLimit page





Induc-Stone is our 2017 innovation. Induc’Stone is an invisible induction unit. Place under different stones such as granite, marble, natural stones, and sometimes mixed stones; Induc’Stone will set a perfect buffet counter.
Paired with an induction friendly chaffing dish, simply placed on top of the counter, Induc’Stone creates the most simplistic, minimalist, & chic buffet counter. Unlike other “similar” units available on the market, Induc’Stone is affordable, easy to install, and user friendly for both the staff and the customers. Here is the video concept :


More information : Induc-Stone page







Induc-Art is our 2016 innovation. The Smart tech which gives you in few secondes the perfect temperature to dress your plates, and holds the right temperature through out the process. Place the plate on its designated space on the induction table, and it will automatically reach its temperature within a few seconds. Plates are only warmed up when being used: the compsumption is the exact reflect the size of the structure and its service. Warming by induction is the most efficient process. Comsumption stops when plates are being sent into dining rooms. Comsumption to maintain the temperature for 1 plate is about 25 Watts power. Lighting is made with Led light with low comsumption. Precision of temperature gives Chefs the flexibility of new opportunity in creation and more time to create while keeping the food and the plate at the right. Induc-Art is awarded Smart Label Innovation 2015 HOST Milano. Here is the video concept.


More information : Induc-Art page