The testimonials chefs


Alexandre Couillon - Chef - La Marine - Noirmoutier - 1 Michelin star

 « At La Marine, our cooking is contemporary marine and 100% vegetal iodine, Adventys Induction and its flexibility gives us the power to grow our creativity. Start a shrimp broth at 110°C, add in it a fish and maintain in temperature at 58°C, without stopping everything else you are doing in the Kitchen. Induction sublimate products’ quality...»


William Boquelet - Chef - Restaurant La Pomme -  Michelin Star

Chef William is one of the first users of Adventys Induction Plancha.
His restaurant is equiped with a P4: a 4 zones Plancha. Installed as an Island, the team works around the plancha with two controls panel on each sides.
«Being one of the first to use Adventys plancha, I have to say I am thrill with its power, its quickness, its efficienty, and its flexibilty; along the fact that I am saving power. The precision of the plancha is sublime and there is no way I would like to go back to a tradition griddle.»


Fabrice Noir - Chef and Owner of Restaurants Le Cheval Noir et L’Air du Temps in Beaune.

«Adventys Induction gives you the freedom of movement and creativity, &simplicity. Both our restaurant are equiped with Adventys and I would not want it any other way. Cherry on top is the gain in cleaning time we have made from switching to our old gaz kitchen, to our Adventys Induction kitchen.»


Thierry Molinengo - Chef and Right hand of Guy Martin - Grand Véfour - 2 Michelin Stars

« Powerful, instantaneous, precise, efficient and easy to manage are in a few words the quality of Adventys induction. Not only greener, the mastery of temperature will help Chefs create new recipies, which is for us, Chefs, a comfort and a usage without limits. »


Jérôme Roy - Chef au Cloître, Mane-en-Provence

«After you try and use Adventys Induction it is very hard to go back to other cooking devices. Third restaurant opening, third kitchen equipped by Adventys Induction. Its advantages are translated by a beautiful design, an easy cleaning process, speed, flexibility, security and of course by saving energy, power, and time. Cooking on Induction is cooking up to date.»


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